Highly-Engineered Solution Created at DEP


Although the challenge of creating and implementing a highly-engineered, tight-tolerance injection molded part was a massive task, DEP succeeded in delivering a solution for their customer.


The Intake Control Value is a highly-engineered, tight-tolerance injection molded part that must withstand high amounts of heat while controlling critical engine performance once installed. Finding a reliable, quality-driven manufacturer was a top priority, making the partnership with DEP the right solution to this complex part.


The Intake Control Valve, an over-molded part currently in production at DEP, is critical to the performance of an engines it is assembled on. The valve is engineered to open and close during engine operation to expose two different length intake ports. To achieve this function, the valve most perform at high temperatures and incorporate tight-tolerance injection molded pieces. DEP’s experience in over-molding and advanced assembly created a perfect solution for their customer.

The Results

DEP’s manufacturing capabilities paired with their award-winning Quality Team created a long-lasting partnership with their growing client. Because of DEP’s cost, reliability and performance, the production numbers continue to increase. The challenge of creating a long-lasting, highly-engineered product such as an Intake Control Vale has and will continue to drive the DEP Team to create world-class solutions for the customers they serve.