Solutions for Detroit Automotive Giant


Following numerous failing design issues, Ford Motor CO. began working closely with the DEP engineering team and to create a design solution for the anti-rotational valve lifter guide.

Their research provided the need for a metal to plastic conversion design alternative, as a result DEP has become the current best practice for the design and manufacturing process of the valve lifter guides.


Diversified Engineering & Plastics, a leading injection molding manufacturer and  engineering design services provider, partnered with the Ford Motor Company engineering team to create a part involving a metal to plastic conversion.  The discussion was to find a design solution, to create a highly engineered part to meet many functional requirements.


In developing the solution, We created a glass filled nylon anti-rotational valve lifter guide.  This solution provided durability and flexibility within the push rod engine.  The ability to reduce the amount of noise created during the valve train function , keep the tight tolerance requirements and withstand the rugged engine conditions was created with the patented valve lifter guide.  Expertise in materials, processing and tooling allowed DEP to find a solution that has proven a sustainable solution for their customer.

The Results

This part design has also incorporated preloading of the lifter into the guide, reducing engine assembly labor and production time. DEP’s process has proven to save cost, speed part production, and improve accuracy and overall part quality. The patented valve lifter guide has been in production for over 20 years. This part has undergone many design changes in coordination with the engine changes for the life of the part.  DEP has recently been awarded a Top 100 Supplier Rating from Ford Motor Co. for Quality, resulting in zero warranty claims.