Our engineering professionals are here for you.

From start to finish, we’re here for you. Our team of engineers has capabilities to support you with material selection, tooling, and scheduling. We are IATF certified and are committed to implementing our industry’s best practices every step of the way.

We can review your existing part design or help you design a new product. We provide the expertise that will help you achieve your goals while reducing your scrap rates, which will result in savings when your product reaches production.


  • 3D printing is an incredible resource for creating prototypes, advanced designs, and other applications. Our industry-leading quality processes and prototyping equipment can get your product to marketing faster and without defects.
  • Make it fast and easy for your team to collaborate with your company’s local supplier. DEP has an onsite Quality Lab and Tool Room allowing part testing capabilities, sample requests, data collection, and quick turnaround on tooling repairs.
  • Using MUD base (Master Die Units) to prototype parts enables fast production for maximum efficiency and creating better cost savings for our customers. DEP specializes in converting metal or wood parts to plastic, also creating lightweight, durable parts.
  • Complete in-house robotic and automation design allow complete concept and design of the assembly cell.

Material Selection

Our start to finish solutions will help you meet your production needs for years to come. Our design expertise and manufacturing capabilities are both deep and broad in production quality.

Project Management

The DEP team works can manage your entire project or work with your internal team. Our management and engineering diversity strengths have helped clients get their product to production on-time and on budget.

Part Analysis

Let us help you analyze your existing part and engineer a cost-effective alternative. Historically, we’ve been able to save customers millions in production by engineering a plastic alternative part.



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