2019 Ford Ranger Bumper Bracket


When the challenge to find a durable, lightweight, easy-to-assemble bracket for the 2019 Ford Ranger bumper installation, DEP was selected as the partner to engineer a solution.


From the high-torque requirements that meet or exceed crash rating regulations to the ergonomics to reduce labor costs during assembly, DEP engineered a solution and delivered results for their customer.


Working directly with Tier 1 Supplier Flex-N-Gate, DEP was the system and engineering integrator for creating and manufacturing this critical part for the assembly of the bumper system. The challenge of creating an in-mold insertion of a high strength bolt that could be produced economically at a high volume was solved by DEP’s team of engineers who went to work to use their decades of injection molding experience to deliver a solution.

The Results

On October 29, the production began for the highly-engineered stud plate bumper bracket. To increase production and create a flawless product, the bumper bracket stud plate incorporates industry-leading robotics as well as utilizing DEP’s award-winning Quality and Automation Teams. Since launching, the product has exceeded expectations by all parties involved.